How to create a Virtual Sample

You can add your logo and /or text on a product. These few points will help you:
  1. Choose product color from available options.
  2. Upload your logo /picture keeping in mind the image dimensions and file types accepted.
  3. After adding the logo click on the logo and select from available colors if you need to change it.
  4. Add Text of your choice.
  5. After adding the text click on the text and select from available fonts/colors.
  6. Use the Redo /Undo or Reset button as required.
  7. The Layers button helps you to navigate to the layers that you may have added – either images or text and edit/delete that layer as required.
  8. Preview, Save, Print or Email the completed image as required.
  1. Use the Magnify button to magnify the highlighted area.
  2. Use the Zoom button to view a larger image on screen.
  1. For best results we recommed to use a .png or a .ai file.
  2. The completed virtual is only a visual representation and may not be suitable for production.
  3. The white removal function is an optional feature and this may not always produce the best results.
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